1. Personal Tax Preparation
    Individuals Families Separated Couples Married Couples Sole Proprietorships Single Member LLCs' **Starts @ $280.00**
  2. Business Tax Preparation
    Partnerships Limited Liability Companies (LLCs') Small Business Corporations Corporations **Starts @ $400.00**
  3. Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual Tax Preparation
    Payroll Tax Franchise Tax Unemployment Tax Sales and Use Tax W-2 Reporting 1099 Reporting **Starts @ $60.00**
  4. Company Formation
    Entity Filings Doing Business As Registered Agent **Starts @ $400.00**
  5. Notary Services
    All types of Notarial Acts performed including Affidavits, Oaths and Affirmations (Wills, Mortgages, Title Transfers, Subpoenas, Medical Records, Adoptions, Parental Rights, etc.) **Starts @ $6.00**